About Contagious Conversation

Communicating on the web requires understanding about networks. Not technical terms like TCP/IP and HTTP; it is the web of connections that exist between people. Who listens to whom? Where do they talk? Where are they going to when they want to know about your issue/product/service? What is the "tipping point" that gets them to act? And finally, how do you quantify that? Are you managing your marketing spend effectively where you reduce your costs and improve your acquisition through contagious strategies?

Contagious Conversations got started by combining an understanding of the underlying technology of social media (e.g. blogs, RSS, social networks, podcasting, etcera), and by coupling the psychology of marketing and influence through words and pictures, adding a sprinkle of web design and user experience skill and then topping it all off with a deep understanding the science of social networks and online communities, we generate a hell of a sundae. It might sound a little complicated, but it is a lot simplier than it may seem.

More than "viral marketing"

Salesmen have been doing this from time immemorial - knowing how to determine who is the decision-maker to close the sale, figuring out the web of connections that connect them to the decision-maker, crafting the message that will inspire the influencer and the target and then determining which influencer to convince to support the buying decision.

No project is like another - we implement solutions for each of our clients and leverage our experience to create the unique solution that fits your needs. Aiming for the teen-age, urban demographic? We have worked on mobile outreach projects to acquire interest in a pay-per-view hip-hop show. Trying to reach senior citzens? We have had to craft solutions that increase awareness of a political campaign in a district where most of the residents are well beyond retirement age. Trying to visibility for social media? We have implemented marketing strategies and marketing tools to increase the reach and visibility of selected podcasts through listings, social networks (like MySpace), email lists and blog syndication to increase recognition and media attention to increase market share.

What can we do for you?