Create Incredible Word of Mouth

Your customers are talking - on the web. In chat rooms. On blogs. Through Twitter and text-messaging. Through user-generated podcasts. You-tube-ing their opinions 24/7.

Contagious Conversations is about creating conversations with your customers that generate incredible word of mouth - making it almost necessary to tell your story.

What do we do?

Taking a lesson from the old "fishing proverb", Contagious Conversations offer clients training and know-how to effectively market their products and ideas using tools of the social media trade. Using various technologies and communicating where your customers are in the meta-userphere, we are able to demonstrate success with proven techniques on determining effectiveness through true KPIs, not vague numbers like "points". Our focus on "contagious conversations" takes "viral marketing" to the next level. It requires an understanding of social networks, social media, user email and mobile habits and online marketing technologies to make an true contagious conversation come to life.